Data that is verified, precise and accessible to all parties helps shipments move faster.

TradeLens lets you track a shipment through over 120 planned, estimated and actual events in real time.

Network partners publish data to the platform; users query and subscribe to consignment events, making track and trace: simple and quick.

Consignment-level publish, search and subscribe, for you and your partners

Find a shipment or container using a range of parameters, including booking, equipment or bill of lading numbers. Search results provide a detailed record of the shipment.

120 plus standardized events published from the source

Eliminate the need for laborious phone calls and email chains to determine the whereabouts of your consignment.

Review consignment progress proactively

Viewing a consignment card gives permissioned access to the shipment’s planned, estimated and actual milestones as well as documents associated with the shipment.